Draxxon Builds Custom Vehicles For Command Centers Including Built In Drone Integrations

Drones have become indispensable tools for many industries. While drones are making it possible for people to carry out missions efficiently and safely, there are still some drawbacks. One such issue is a drone’s limited flight time. Another issue is being able to set up a drone command center that keeps all necessary equipment readily available. A company based out of McLeansboro, Illinois has developed a way to solve these problems.

Founded in 2013 by Brock Wilkerson, Draxxon builds custom vehicles to be used as command centers for law enforcement, public safety, military, and energy solution industries. As explained in the company bio, Draxxon vehicle solutions integrate “cutting edge technology into vans, SUVS, trailers, and ruggedized Pelican case configurations.” Each mobile command center is a bespoke vehicle to meet the specific needs of the individual customer. As Tyler Ackerman, Draxxon’s Director of Business Development said, “Not one of our vehicles is exactly the same.”

To meet customer needs, Draxxon began developing systems to help drone operations. “Draxxon really specializes in providing a custom solution that solves everyday problems,” Tyler said. “The drones are really just a piece we integrate into a seamless easy to use system that can be taken anywhere, can solve a lot of different problems.” This could be as simple as a case that can be thrown into the trunk of a vehicle to transport a drone and spare parts. Or it could be a comprehensive mobile command center.

In November 2021, Draxxon delivered a DX-1000 to the Elizabeth Police Department in New Jersey. From the outside, the vehicle looks like a typical Sprinter work van. But upon closer look, there is nothing typical about this van. It is more like an elite Swiss Army Knife with a bevy of sensors and operating systems to provide police officers with any and everything they could need out in the field. This includes a fully integrated drone platform. A special drawer extends from the back of the van that houses the drone and converts into a launchpad. From there, the drone can be flown on a tether for continuous power. The drone can also be flown freely and monitored from within the comfortable, climate controlled interior. Inside the van are live feed drone monitoring and direct data collection systems.

In August of 2021, Draxxon unveiled its latest product, a fully electric mobile drone command center. Partnering with automotive advanced energy solution experts Volta Power Systems, Draxxon designed a towable trailer that utilizes a lithium-ion power solution. This provides the trailer, and its complex drone and surveillance systems, with 24 hours of power on a single charge. “When we designed our auxiliary power system, we wanted the flexibility to integrate it into nearly any mobile application,” said Jack Johnson, CTO of Volta Power Systems. “This is the first time our product has been integrated into a command center trailer like this, and knowing that it’s the first drone command unit in the industry to go fully electric is amazing.”

With Draxxon’s mobile drone command centers, there is no stopping drone applications. The vehicles can get anywhere a drone is needed and supply all the necessary equipment for a successful operation. And now, with Volta’s energy solutions, these drone command centers can operate without causing environmental damage.

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