Drone Parachute Safety System Developed By Austrian Company

At many drone expos, there is always some new technology that grabs the attention of attendees. This was the case at a recent drone expo held in Amsterdam. An Austrian company developed an inventive parachute system that keeps drones with in-flight malfunctions from crashing.

The CEO of the company, Andreas Ploier gave a break down of what makes their system so unique and different. Along with the CTO of the company, they presented the basics of this new technology and why they started Drone Rescue in the first place.

With a background in drone aviation, CTO Markus Manninger became tired of losing expensive drones to equipment failures during flight. In fact, he lost 3 drones in a single year. He started designing different methods of bringing a drone down to the ground safely without causing any damage. The DRS-10 parachute system was the result.  Ploier explained that the company wanted to stay away from pyrotechnics because people travel with their drones all the time to carry out jobs in different jurisdictions and didn’t want something that could catch fire/explode.

Since explosive devices weren’t feasible, the duo opted for an innovative system with high-powered rubber straps with a lightweight canister. The canister holds a parachute firmly in place. The advantage of this design is that the parachute system is light and doesn’t really affect the drone’s weight or flight.

If a drone loses power during a flight and looks like it could crash, the canister will open and eject the parachute into the air helping the drone glide to safety. This will prevent major damage. Many Drone Operators invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars into their drone, and this parachute system from Drone Rescue may become an innovate way for drone operators to protect their investment.

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