Drone Racing League Launches a New Drone Racing Simulator

It’s extremely clear that drones are becoming mainstream. It’s now common to see drones flying over parks, or filming real estate videos.  It’s even becoming popular on TV such as Drone Racing on ESPN. Drone Racing is still in it’s infancy, but more and more companies are starting to get involved with this new technology.

One popular company is the Drone Racing League (DRL). The DRL is the creator of the DRL Simulator and also the organizer of the DRL yearly professional drone racing competitions. The new DRL Simulator is really making headlines. Those who have tried the new Drone Racing League Simulator attest that it’s the closest thing to flying real a real drone. One benefit of the new DRL Simulator is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the high-end racing drones just to learn how to fly or race them.

The Drone Simulator takes you through the drone flying basics and allows you to get the feel of flying a real racing drone virtually. You can go from the basics and gradually move up to the most advanced professional drone racing levels within a significantly short amount time. The DRL is, in fact, using the Simulator to host tryouts for the 2018 competitive drone racing season.

The Drone Racing League Simulator

There are very few technologies that can perfectly transfer from virtual practicing to real-world application seamlessly. The DRL Simulator is one of the technologies that can. The DRL Simulator uses a controller with 2 joysticks which gives you a similar feeling of flying an actual drone.

It makes a lot of sense to practice with the DRL Simulator instead of using an actual drone. A high-end racing drone is quite expensive, and crashing it during practice when beginning is extremely common. Additionally, it’s not easy to get your hands on a drone used in Professional Level DRL races unless you have good connections and a lot of money.  These drones are custom-built for speed and versatility as opposed to the regular consumer drones that are more slow and steady.

Actual Drone Racing

After you’ve gone through all the drone flying basics using the DRL Simulator, you can try racing the actual courses from the DRL 2017 season. If you land in a top 24 spot, you will get a chance to participate in the 2018 DRL Tryouts. The DRL is offering $75,000 contract plus a chance to participate in the 2018 drone racing season around the world to the winner of the Drone Racing League.

The organizers and founders of the Drone Racing League are moving towards making the DRL Simulator and the actual DRL Drone racing leagues inseparable. They are currently using the DRL Simulator to stage drone racing as an e-sport where the best performers get to try out for actual races. The DRL is aired on channels like Sky Sports and ESPN which is quickly attracting fans and big sponsors from around the world.

There are other amateur drone races taking place throughout the world, but they aren’t standardized like the DRL. The DRL intends to level the playing field for its players by providing its own standardized racing drones. So if you feel that you have an inherent drone racing talent that you haven’t tapped into yet, give the DRL Simulator try and you might just land a chance to compete in the actual Drone Racing League.

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