Drone Technology is the Future of Space Exploration on Saturn’s Moon Titan

According to sources, NASA is planning a mission to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Believe it or not, a drone will be utilized in taking part of this historical space exploration mission. The drone, which has been given the name Dragonfly, has been developed by some of the world’s best engineers. According to experts, Dragonfly promises success because of some impressive features.

The first of these new features is an endless source of energy. The fact that Dragonfly will be using rotors to move from one point of the moon to the other means it will require energy, a lot of it. According to its design, Dragonfly is capable of touring Titan for years. That is because it is built with a multi-mission radioisotope thermo-electric generator that converts the heat from decaying plutonium-238 to electricity. Dragonfly has one of the most impressive energy sources in the history of drones.

Another key feature is the drone’s transmission abilities. Transmission is one of the key factors that makes Dragonfly perfect for the job. The fact that it can either fly or run on the surface allows it to keep the earth in its sight. This is very important because Dragonfly is expected to communicate directly to earth. That means that less interference in regards to transmission and control is expected.

The next feature is the Dragonfly’s ability to hover over surfaces. One of the most challenging things when it comes to space exploration is the movement of space vehicles without meeting any resistance. Dragonfly has a total of eight motors, each 1 meter wide. The engines will enable Dragonfly to take advantage of the dense atmosphere and low gravity of Titan. It is, however, essential to know that the drone will only be using four motors at a time. Another good thing about its multiple motors is that one or two damaged motors will not threaten the mission.

Over the decades, one of the biggest goals of humankind has been to fully explore the corners of space. Now with the advancements of technology, we are getting closer to those dreams. That is why NASA is taking advantage of the collaboration of brilliant and creative minds with technology and machinery.

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