Drone Use Increases in the Oil and Gas Industry

A lot of industries such as oil and gas are now using drones for many applications. These unmanned aerial vehicles have helped the industry save time and money. Also, drones have improved safety and efficiency of the oil sites. The data provided by drones shows that the technology is bound to transform the oil and gas industry. This is because oil and gas companies continue to digitize their operations and explore new ways to use drones. These are some of the ways drones are transforming this sector.

Improved Safety

Use of drones in oil fields has dramatically improved safety. There is a need to have tools that enhance and support emergency response. Fortunately, drones offer situational awareness during spills, fires, and other emergencies. Moreover, they enable companies to efficiently and safely assess, manage, and monitor assets. They can also be used to carry out scheduled inspections and offer real-time visibility.

The fact that they can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world means that operators can quickly and easily inspect storage tanks, offshore platforms, pipelines and much more. Drones can provide experts with a first person viewpoint. This is done without cost, time, and safety risks required to travel to a site.

Increasing Visibility

Advanced drones offer an unmatched level of accessibility and visibility, both for experts and operators. In the past, visibility around sites needed time and cost intensive methods that also proved to be inefficient. For instance, deploying helicopters is extremely expensive. Fortunately, with the use of drones, both experts and operators can get up-close and complete visualization in real-time at a fraction of the cost of hiring expensive helicopters.

Future Proof Technology

It is now possible to fit drones with different accessories that enable accurate and faster decisions for organizations across various industries. For instance, with the use of Cape Aerial Telepresence software, remote operation of the drones is made easier. Also, you can stream the live video to multiple users at once. The use of cameras and thermal sensors can help detect oil tank levels and even potential issues. Thus, the use of drones helps to unlock vital information and offer insights that were not possible in the past.

There are many new uses for drone technology in the oil and gas industry. Whether onshore or offshore, adoption of drones will provide solutions that are both easy and safe to use. In the future, the focus will shift towards enhancing the capabilities of these amazing machines. For instance, manufacturers and researchers are now applying artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to the drones which will only help improve their use.

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