Drone Used to Deliver Chinese Food to Prisoners in Jail

An drone was recently used to deliver Chinese food to a prison in Dublin, Ireland. According to the Irish Mirror, the jail staff found containers from a Chinese fast food outlet in a trash bin in the Wheatfield Jail yard. Since there was no way anyone could have got past security with the food, the jail staff believes a drone was used.

This news comes in the wake of other reports in other countries where drones have been used to deliver all sorts of things such as drugs, weapons, food, and other contraband to prisons. The invention of drones that are stealthy and quiet coupled with the lack of proper drone defense systems for most security and law enforcement organizations across the globe has made drones increasingly popular for prisoners looking to get stuff in from the outside.

With the lack of drone defense systems, all the criminals have to worry about is losing the drone or contraband. A drone can easily be bought and flown by almost anyone from a safe distance. This usually makes it hard for law enforcement to find the operator even if they manage to shoot down or capture the drone. The latest incident at Wheatfield Jail shows just how far inmates are willing to go to get something they want. Even though it happened over six weeks ago, most of the prison staff is still scratching their heads trying to figure out exactly how they pulled it off. According to a spokesman of the jail, since all other possible entry points were covered, the only explanation would be that drones were used to deliver the food.

While the delivery of Chinese food is a pretty unusual request, it is not the first time the Whitefield Jail has seen drones being used to deliver contraband to inmates. Drones are increasingly dropping other contraband such as drugs into the facility.

The drones are said to be doing regular drop-offs to the jail which has forced prison officials to look into better ways to combat them. According to sources, the inmates send a message to dealers on the outside ordering items they want after which the shipment is delivered directly to them. With the threat of drones delivering weapons or even more dangerous items to prisons, it is time that prisons start incorporating anti-drone systems into their facilities.

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