Drones Are Delivering Food In North Carolina

Drones are quickly becoming a common site in skies all over the United States. Residents in Holly Springs, North Carolina can expect to see them more frequently. Holly Springs has recently become part of a pilot test for drones to deliver food to the community. This test project is expected to last for just over 2 years and will determine the feasibility of developing residential food delivery services in the future.

The development of the drone pilot program was considered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA selected 10 towns throughout the country to be testing grounds for drone deliveries. The Department of Transportation (DOT), which is heading up the project in Holly Springs, has expressed a great deal of support for the program because it will help them expand services in the town. The drone company, Flytrex, will supply the food delivery drones which weigh 6 pounds and can deliver food throughout the neighborhood.

The decision to allow the food delivery flights is part of an ongoing test to demonstrate the future development and applications of drones for domestic use. In this case, the Holly Springs DOT believes that implementing drones in new ways will result in fewer unnecessary delivery vehicles on the streets. Less cars on the streets results in fewer potential accidents, less traffic, reduced CO2 emissions, and the added benefit of reduced wear on the roads. Overall, this can greatly impact the tax implications for the town residents.

The Flytrex drones that are being used for deliveries can cut down delivery times to nearly half the time it would normally take to deliver via a car. The drones do not deliver directly to a person’s house, though. There are almost two dozen drop off points where a person can pick up the food, as long as it is within the line of sight from the restaurant. This is the first step towards longer flights, direct deliveries, and nighttime deliveries.

The pilot program is set to last for a few years and will hopefully open the door for more drone applications in residential areas. Currently food deliveries are just one potential item that drones can deliver. Emergency medicine is also being considered for future drones deliveries, which will follow if the Holly Springs test is a success.

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