Drones Controlled By The Brain

Drone BrainDrones are proving to be one of the real-game changing technologies. A few years after their breakout into the mainstream, individual unmanned autonomous vehicles UAVs also known as Drones, controlled by joysticks, mobile phones, and radio controllers are accomplishing very useful tasks such as security and aerial photography. Notably,  drone technology has been employing a lot of conventional thinking and resonance around logistics, photography, surveillance and many other industries.

However, this is nothing compared to the next revolutionary drone technology that will allow a single human operator to control multiple drones using a brain-computer interface. According to Panos Artemiadis, a researcher, and director of Human-Oriented Robotics and Control Lab (HORC) at Arizona State University, using multiple drones requires several human operators, which presents a problem in coordination. He adds that the emerging possibility to operate drones using a brain-computer interface will change how we interact with them. By allowing us to control different swarms of UAVs concurrently, this approach is set to open up new classes of applications. UAV’s that will use the human-like brain interface mechanism will again allow us to do things that would be otherwise impossible with a single drone.

Below are some of the applications that this drone technology may help:

Search and Rescue Missions

Robotics expert Artemiadis says that it will be possible for humans to collaborate with swarms of drones in search and rescue operations. The interface will allow a single operator to control many Drones, and at the same time, use them to cover more extensive grounds in less time compared to a single UAV or team of humans. The operator can also direct the swarm closer to objects that require closer surveillance in the video stream.

Fire Fighting & Rescue

Multiple drones could be armed with infrared imaging devices and used to track forest fires spreading over large areas. The drones would then send real-time data to the operator in a bid to help firefighters adjust their plans accordingly. With the help of these drones, the operator can use reported weather changes and wind direction to determine whether the fire has spread to a new area.

Agriculture & Farming

Multiple drones could also be used to oversee and analyze agricultural fields – helping create topographic maps for irrigation planning and soil analysis. In addition to improving crop spraying, aerial drone systems will also be used in identifying crop infections or infestations and delivering pesticides or herbicides to a specific location.


According to Artemiadis, mind-controlled drones can be used in the entertainment industry during events. For instance, a human operator could control a fleet of drones, using them to shoot photos and videos at a sports venue or outdoor concert. This has been previously demonstrated when drones controlled by a central server were used in Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl event. Apart from live-streaming events, the drones can also be used to drop gifts (for example t-shirts or CDs) into a crowd.

Surveillance System

Drones with a computer-brain interface will allow us to build surveillance systems with human intuition and better sensing capabilities. These would be more efficient and accurate, meaning better security for security sensitive events such as political rallies, bowl games, and marathons.
Artemiadis predicts that in the next few years, drones using computer-brain interface mechanisms will be making gains where single UAV’s cannot.

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