Dubai Expo Shows Drones Controlled By The Brain

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The future is looking more like a Sci-fi movie as mind controlled drones are being developed. Hand controllers are on their way out and brain waves will be taking over.  Last week, the Global Education and Skills Forum was held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At the meeting, an Australian based organization known as Emotiv displayed one of its extremely exciting innovations.

The technology is a headset which can be used to control drones. It works by monitoring a user’s brainwaves and can effectively control an electronic device.  You’ve probably heard of Samsung’s intention to create airborne screens that will follow us around. These devices will be controlled through eye movements and hand gestures.

It’s amazing to imagine that human beings can actually move objects by simply using the power of their minds. But in reality, this is possible through brain waves.  We are in an exciting new era packed with a wide range of technological possibilities. This is especially true for people living with disabilities. Emotiv has created many great technologies for disabled individuals.

Consider the recently deceased Stephen Hawking. If it wasn’t for a sophisticated computer, he couldn’t have communicated with ease and would have had a lot of limitations in that area.  If our physical bodies are unable to perform as they are supposed to, then why not heighten our brains by using technology that can expand our scope and abilities?

How it Works

First, you put on the headset. The headset is an electroencephalogram (EEG) device and uses your brainwaves to achieve its results. There are sensors placed on the scalp which helps the device record and translate the impulses. It converts your electrical impulses into instructions that can operate a drone.

A wearer simply needs to imagine the drone taking off the ground and the EEG converts the thoughts into actions.  For now, it looks like all users can do is take off and land drones, but it’s a huge and impressive leap in technology.  The headset is not only used for controlling drone take off and landing, it can also be used to measure a users brain functions like concentration level and stress. It can help people learn more about the brain’s functioning and be more productive. It’s really amazing how technology is advancing and I’m sure this is only the beginning of brain controlled devices.

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