Exyn Technologies Working On Artificial Intelligent Drone that Can Work In Harsh Terrains

In 2014, the dean of engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, Vijay Kuma, and strategic growth specialist Nader Elm came together to build the advanced robotics company called Exyn Technologies.  The company started as a spinoff of UPenn’s GRASP Laboratory which according to their website, “incorporates a selective and rigorous robotics program for graduate and doctoral students that boasts a research-focused environment within a distinguished Ivy League university.”  Today Exyn Technologies has a core team of 16 employees who are some of the best in robotic automation. 

Exyn just received funding from a number of organizations including Centricus, Red and Blue Ventures, Corecam Family Office, Yamaha Motors Ventures, IP Group, and In-Q-Tel.  They brought in $16 million, bringing the startup’s total up to $20 milllion raised.  With this funding they plan on further advancing their research, design, and application of their A3Rs (Advanced Autonomous Aerial Robots).  The A3R is a modular drone like device that can autonomously navigate and collect data in areas that have not yet been mapped or enabled through GPS coordinates.  They can work individually or in swarms and are perfect for use in underground situations like collecting data in mines.

What powers the A3R is the ExynAI software that is easily adaptable for each user.  The software uses a sliding-scale of autonomy that allows each end-user to customize it for a wide range of purposes.  It utilizes cameras, Radar, and LIDAR for sensing as well as self piloted and pilot assisted flight with collision avoidance to maneuver.  Whatever the A3R encounters is processed on board allowing it to complete all missions independently.  This allows there to be a reliable break in communication between the drone and the controller.  While the A3R navigates and collects data, humans can focus on other aspects of a mission.  Once the A3R has completed it’s mission it can upload all data to a cloud to be analyzed.

The beauty behind the A3R and ExynAI software is that it allows the end-user to complete a task in a safe and fully effective manner.  Exyn’s website states that, “By allowing the end-user to intuitively specify a sequence of high-level flight tasks, the system’s interface provides unprecedented access to advanced autonomy features such as GPS-denied 3D mapping, tracking, and safe navigation in unknown environments.”

The A3R is currently being used in mining situations where gathering data can be very difficult due to harsh terrain, hazardous tunnel systems, and poor air quality.  This new round of funding should help them branch into other sectors like logistics, where keeping inventory of massive warehouses is often inaccurate, and to oversee construction sites.  As IP Group’s Michael Burychka said, “Exyn is changing the game in terms of what true autonomous robotics technology can deliver to the world.  The support Exyn has seen in this latest round of funding, from both strategic and financial investors, stands as a major endorsement of their technological capabilities and vast commercial opportunity.  As founding investor and early advisor, we are proud of what Nader and the Exyn team have accomplished so far and are excited to see them continue to scale the business.”

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