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Drone Photography Idaho

It’s never been easier to get drone photography and videography services, and that’s what numerous businesses across different industries learn after working with Drone Videos.

We’ve been a leader in the aerial photography and videography space for a long time, since we make getting high-quality drone photography in Idaho quick, easy, and affordable.

The cities we serve at the moment include, but aren’t limited to:


We serve both residential and commercial clients, and the ultra-vivid content we capture is used for a variety of purposes.

What Are Drone Photos and Videos Used For?


At construction sites, drone photos and videos help project managers and stakeholders monitor progress, and they can also help builders make real-time adjustments.

On both small and commercial farms, aerial photos and videos help farmers monitor crops and livestock, and a drone can capture spots that otherwise would be hard to reach.


Roofers and home inspectors often use drone photos and videos to deliver better services and make their jobs easier.

For example, a roofer can use a drone to photograph and record a large, complex roof, like those found on strip malls, movie theaters, and office complexes. In this scenario, using a drone not only saves time but also makes the roof inspection process safer.

Home inspectors too can benefit from using drones in this way, but they’ll be looking at more than just the roof. Even home appraisers can use the content captured by a drone to deliver more accurate appraisals.


Aerial photography and videography services are used all the time in the real estate industry, specifically to market properties in a unique and eye-catching way. A drone can capture all the elements that make a property unique, whether it’s a commercial or residential property.

When it comes to the residential real estate space, most home buyers expect drone photos and videos when browsing listings, and listings without these get passed over quickly.

And in the commercial real estate space, property owners use drone videos and photos to showcase their properties and fill vacancies.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small home or a multi-unit strip mall—a drone can photograph and record it from a range of heights and angles to fully highlight its best aspects.

How Our Process Works

Step One

Go to the menu at the top of the page and click the “Order Now” tab to view the packages we’re currently offering. After selecting the package you want, you’ll be asked to provide the address you want filmed, as well as the date and time you’d like shooting to take place.

After providing this information, you’ll have a chance to give us special instructions. So if you want a specific feature filmed, say so here.

Step Two

Soon after the flyover takes place, the captured photos and videos will be sent to our professional editors for review.

We’ll edit, color-correct, and do blue-sky replacements for all photos, and we’ll also include a digital twilight photo free of charge; these are great for marketing purposes!

The videos will be color corrected and branded with whatever information you’d like us to include, like your company name, logo, and address. We’ll provide an unbranded version too, which will be great for MLS and listing sites. Finally, we’ll add music that fits perfectly with the content.

Step Three

When the photos and videos are ready, we’ll present them on an SEO-friendly site that can be shared easily.

The content will be downloadable as well, so photos can be printed and videos can be shared across your social media channels.

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