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Maine Drone Photography

Ten years ago, seeing a drone buzzing through the sky was an uncommon occurrence. But now, drones are being used for all kinds of commercial purposes. For example, drones are being used to take high-resolution photos and videos.

In fact, numerous businesses across industries are using the content drones capture to help with inspections, marketing, surveying, and monitoring.

DroneVideos has been offering best-in-class aerial photography and videography services since 2016, and we’re often the first and only stop when businesses and individuals need top-tier Maine drone photography.

Not only is our process seamless, but we don’t charge an arm and a leg to deliver stunningly beautiful drone photos and videos.


Why Businesses Need Drone Photography & Videography


Home inspectors, appraisers, roofers, and individuals engaged in similar trades use aerial photography and videography to aid with a variety if inspections. Specifically, drones have made assessing large, elaborate commercial properties much easier and more affordable.

Roofers use drone photos and videos to design and build roofs that fit perfectly, and the content captured by a drone can also speed up the time it takes to conduct routine roof maintenance and repair.


In the real estate and leisure industries, drones are mainly used for marketing purposes. Vivid aerial photos and videos can entice individuals to check out a property in person, and they can also highlight the amenities that surround a property.

Golf courses, luxury resorts, and similar businesses use drone videos to showcase their unique features and stand out from the competition, while real estate professionals use drone photos and videos to put commercial and residential listings in front of more buyers.


Builders often use drones to monitor their projects midst construction. They do this so stakeholders can be kept in the loop while the project is ongoing. And in the agriculture sector, farmers use drones to monitor their multiple acres.

A property can be outfitted with numerous cameras, but only a drone can gather aerial footage in a convenient and affordable way.


Accurate surveying is something many businesses rely on, and drones have made surveying a lot easier.

In the construction industry, drone photos and videos are used by architects to help with the designing of 3D models. Plus, since a drone can capture not just one lot but a whole neighborhood, architects can use aerial photos and videos to better understand how their structures fit in with surrounding buildings and amenities.

The insurance and agriculture industries also use drones for their surveying capabilities, as do engineers and numerous government agencies.

What Sets DroneVideos Apart From the Rest?

DroneVideos is a white-glove drone photography and videography service, and we’re proud that we can consistently go above and beyond for our clients so they get breathtaking drone photos and videos every time they hire us.

And because we keep things simple, there are rarely any hiccups in our process, and everything can be completed quickly. So why go with amateurs when you can get industry-leading help from DroneVideos?

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