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Minnesota Drone Photography and Services

Are you looking to get high-quality aerial shots of real estate, construction projects, or commercial properties in Minnesota? Our Minnesota drone services are just what you’re looking for.

Drones are a wondrous type of technology that can capture broad views through images and videos without all the hassle of getting on an aircraft with a handheld camera.

At DroneVideos.com, our professionals specialize in drone photography in Minnesota including St.Paul and Rochester. We’re the expert team you need to show your properties in their best light.

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Residential Real Estate Services

Our Minnesota drone services specialize in residential real estate photography, including advertisements.

At DroneVideos.com, we can take professional photos of any properties in a residential neighborhood. This service is valuable for advertising purposes – if you are looking to sell your property, hiring a drone operator can provide bespoke shots and capture your property and neighborhood in its best light.

Instead of using a helicopter and expensive equipment to capture residential properties from a bird’s eye view, choose drone photography in Minnesota. With our services, it is faster, more reliable, and more affordable to get beautiful shots of residential homes.

All our photographs are in high definition, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about receiving blurry images or videos. In addition, our drone operators are certified and have their drone pilot licenses.

Commercial Real Estate Services

We also commercial real estate services at DroneVideos.com. These are perfect for marketing your properties, especially if you’re selling multiple properties in the same neighborhood – our drone services can cover it all.

With our specialized ground and aerial drone photography in Minnesota, you’ll be able to accurately display your property’s location and local amenities. You can choose a day when the light is best and rely on our pilots to do the rest!

Your clients will have great views of what they are planning to buy, meaning the rate of your property sales will increase. In addition, you can also film virtual property tours!

Our prices for real estate photography and videography are always affordable – reach out for a quote.

Construction & Work Progress Update Services

Our Minnesota drone services are ideal for construction updates. Aerial photography and video offer a clear picture of a project’s progress, but it doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Drones are far more cost-effective than helicopters but can deliver much more information than photography from the ground. View your project from every angle, and you’ll understand whether you’re on track and what needs to be changed. You’ll also have more accurate reports to deliver to stakeholders.

At DroneVideos.com, we can take these photos safely and efficiently – the drones will stay well clear of construction equipment but take stunning, high-resolution photos of your project.

Aerial Inspection Services

Our drone work also offers aerial inspections. This helps contractors (e.g., roofers) get a better picture of how things are looking without a costly call-out. This service is also perfect for insurance claims – the more evidence you have, the better.

Get in touch for an aerial inspection flyover today.

Golf Course Services

Our Minnesota drone services also cover golf courses. Aerial shots are a key part of marketing your golf course – you’ll have a much better chance of attracting customers if they can see every fairway in glorious, 360-degree video flyovers.

Our drones will cover your courses, clubhouses, amenities, and more in high quality, so your customers will have a great idea of what to expect when they visit.

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If you need commercial drone services in Minnesota, DroneVideos.com is your go-to local expert. Contact our friendly team to learn more about our services and book your flyover today!

We serve various locations across Minnesota including:

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