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Drone Photography Raleigh, NC

For years, drones and the numerous capabilities they possess were really only utilized by the military and some transportation companies, but nowadays commercial drones are being used by all kinds of businesses across a range of industries.

Drones can do many things, but their ability to take magnificent photographs and videos has made them particularly sought after.

At DroneVideos.com, we’ve been connecting individuals and businesses with the best drone operators in the United States for several years, and we’re proud to be a leading drone operator network. All the operators in our network are FAA-certified, insured, and experienced.

So if drone photography in Raleigh, NC is what you’re after, check out DroneVideos!

Industries That Need Drone Photography & Videography

Leisure & Hospitality

Luxury hotels, resorts, golf courses, and other businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry use aerial photographs and videos to highlight the features that make their properties unique.

With a well-shot video, a golf course—for example—can attract new players, more tournaments, etc. through the use of enticing drone marketing.


In the construction industry, architects use drone photography and videography to develop accurate 3D models. Builders, on the other hand, use drones to monitor their projects and make adjustments midst building.

And as far as the roofing trade is concerned, more and more roofers are utilizing aerial photos and videos, as they expedite the installation, maintenance, and repair processes.


The agriculture industry is another industry that’s benefited significantly from using drones. Whether you own a small farm or a large growing operation that’s hundreds of acres, a drone can help you monitor your property and the crops growing on it, and drone photos and videos also help with the mapping of new plots.

Real Estate

In many ways, drone videos and photos have changed the real estate industry. At present, if a commercial or residential listing doesn’t have drone videos or photos, it’s likely it won’t attract a lot of buyers.

Realtors and other real estate professionals use drones to highlight property exteriors and grounds, and a drone can also give interested buyers a clear view of the neighborhood that surrounds a property.

Home inspectors and appraisers also use aerial photography and videography to deliver first-rate services.


Telecommunications companies are always looking for new locations that can accommodate their cell towers, and aerial photographs and videos help companies find these locations.

Drones also help with tower construction, maintenance, and repair, as they can fly hundreds of feet in the air and capture the very top of a cell tower.


Nowadays, drones are being utilized by insurance companies too, since the photos and videos they take can help these companies determine the risks associated with a certain area. This information is then used to provide more accurate quotes.

Professional Drone Operators vs Amateurs

In truth, virtually anyone can buy a drone and use it to take photos and videos, but only an expert drone operator who’s FAA-certified, insured, and experienced can get the high-quality aerial photos and videos that bring in more customers and raise profits.

At DroneVideos.com, we thoroughly vet all the drone operators in our network, and our CEO reviews all final cuts to ensure anything we send out is worthy of our brand.

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