Precision Aerial Has Become Southern Africa’s First Advanced Drone Training Program

On June 11 & 12, 2022, Zimbabwe’s Hillcrest College hosted its annual Technology Expo. Companies in attendance this year represented fields of computer sciences, securities, and robotics. One of the most visited vendors at the expo was a local drone startup. Based out of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, Precision Aerial has become Southern Africa’s first advanced drone training program. As drone regulations have begun to ease up in Zimbabwe, businesses are looking for ways to utilize the technology. However, many are unsure of where to start. As Precision Aerial made clear at the expo, there are so many ways to apply drone technology, and they are ready to get the people of Southern Africa on the drone bandwagon.

One of Precision Aerial’s main day to day activities is preparing future drone pilots. The school doesn’t simply provide instruction on how to become a licensed drone pilot, it goes way beyond that. The course starts with theoretical training that covers the basics of drone technology, the fields in which the technology can be used, and ethical and legal regulations that come with the responsibility of operating drones. After the week long theoretical session, students are brought to Precision Aerial’s large practical lessons field.

On the field, the students are given the opportunity to apply what they had learned in theory to reality. After another week long course, Precision Aerial coordinates examinations for students to earn a Remote Pilot License (RPL), the equivalent of an FAA Part 107 in the United States. But Precision Aerial doesn’t stop there. Being the first and only advanced training program in the Southern African region, students can then take courses on industry-specific training. “If you already have your RPL,” explained an instructor from Precision Aerial, “what we’re offering now is the advanced training courses where we then bring you in and teach you the advanced kind of operations that allow you to take your skillset and have a practical look into how you would operate in the industry. So, be it for mining, for agricultural purposes, for construction purposes, you will want to connect with us.”

During the expo, instructors from Precision Aerial demonstrated the advanced training program with an industry-specific drone, DJI’s Agras T30. Being called the “King of Drones”, the Agras T30 is a top of the line, yet affordable, agricultural drone. It has been designed to go where other agricultural drones can’t go. Most agricultural drones capable of spraying chemical treatments are designed to stay lower to the ground, just high enough over crops for even coverage. With a 30 liter spray tank, Agras T30 can reach heights of 100 meters, making it ideal for spraying fruit trees. The drone’s adjustable arms have 16 spray nozzles that precisely apply treatment to crops entirely.

Precision Aerial has the resources and know how to prepare drone pilots for any industry. The company also provides drone services and helps its graduates find employment. “We believe that drones are the future of work and we provide organizations in various industries solutions that will help bring efficiency to their existing workflows and processes,” states Precision Aerial. “There are so many different types of drones in the market today and we focus on understanding the needs of each client, then we recommend the best drone solution to acquire and maintain the drone system themselves.”

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