Prisons to Start Using New Drone Detection Technology

There is a growing problem in many prisons where criminals are using drones to sneak in contraband such as drugs and weapons into the prison system. Criminals are turning to drones since they are cheap and easy to get, and they can be controlled from miles away. Many drones are also very small and quiet making it easy to access the prison grounds undetected.

To defend against the misuse of drones, a technology company called Securus Technologies, recently invented a smart drone detection system known as AirWarden. This will help correctional officers monitor drone traffic in their area and immediately detect any drone that comes too close to the prison. According to Securus Technologies representatives, the AeroDefense AirWarden system was developed as an advanced drone and pilot detection system which identifies and classifies any unauthorized drones being flown in the vicinity of the system.

The AeroDefense AirWarden system relies on cutting edge technology to detect drones and their pilots using radio frequency detection. The system is always on, monitoring the radio frequency spectrum and immediately notifying the authorities via text, email, or control room alerts when there’s an unauthorized drone in the vicinity.

The use of drones to deliver contraband to prisons is a major threat to the inmates, staff, and prison guards. The threat is so large that the acting director of the Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitz, labeled drones as the largest threat facing prisons today. While the AirWarden system won’t be able to stop drones, they will be useful in pinpointing the drop zone as well as the pilot’s location. Prison security can then get to the drop zone and secure any contraband found before any prisoner has access to it.

The pilot project was deployed by Securus Technologies at the Georgia Department of Corrections facilities and is expected to be installed in more prisons in other states. The system is fully operational and was approved after rigorous tests with government entities using various types of drones. The AeroDefense AirWarden system is not only limited to prisons. Securus Technologies is also installing the technology at other venues such as stadiums, private companies, and other locations.

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