The Future of Anti-Drone Technology

As drones keep getting more advanced, there is a need for law enforcement agencies to come up with new ways to stop enemy drones. Drones are becoming a common feature in war-zones allowing both sides to survey enemy territories, pinpoint enemy locations, and even drop bombs. A lot of damage can be caused by a single drone and it’s nearly impossible to know who was operating the drone, let alone where they are even operating from.

The threat of drones has created a huge demand for anti-drone technology. There are many companies that are now working on different anti-drone systems. At a recent exhibition at the Pentagon, they demonstrated some of the most advanced anti-drone systems currently available on the market and others that were still in early development stages.

The exhibition showed off both lethal and non-lethal directed energy programs, also referred to as lasers. Also on display was a high-powered microwave unit which can be used to counter single drones, as well as drone swarms. This powerful unit is capable of knocking out multiple drones or swarms of drones at once.

There was also a 25mm small unit tactical laser system that comes with a 30Kw to 60Kw laser. This laser can be integrated onto existing military ships or military bases quickly and easily. The device shoots lasers at its target permanently disabling it.  Another item on display was the high energy laser mobility tactical test truck. They have taken a 5Kw laser, and increased the power up to 60Kw. The truck will be able to take out rockets in the air.  Although it is still in its testing phase, a lot of military personnel have high hopes for this system.

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