These Could Be the Five Best Camera Drones on the Market in 2024

What’s the best camera drone currently on the market?  Consumer Tested Reviews (CTR) has sampled dozens, and based on their affordability, ease of use, durability and portability, 5 in particular are stand-outs.  They’re all modestly priced and can allow even inexperienced drone fliers to begin shooting short but dazzling professional quality videos of local events and sites, amazing their friends and colleagues.

Topping the list is the Black Falcon 4K, a newcomer on the market that CTR ranks at 9.9 – near perfection.  It’s actually a mini-drone – with its sleek, foldable design, it’s small enough to fit in an outsized pants pocket, but also comes with a nifty sectioned carrying case.  Once in the air, its performance is on par with drones that typically cost several thousands of dollars.

The Black Falcon is stable enough to fly indoors through tight spaces, including windows and doorways.  At the same time, its altitude-holding feature allows it to hover in place, adjusting to changes in air pressure.  The drone can capture 4K 720p HD quality footage in a single seamless shot.  And with its “follow me” feature, the drone can film you the same way a professional videographer might – but you can do it all yourself.

Drones this small used to take hours to charge and couldn’t stay airborne for long.  You could charge them all night but the battery might only give you 10-15 minutes of quality fight time.  The Black Falcon can fly continuously at 30 mph for a full 20 minutes – long enough to capture some amazing video of a local event.  And it costs just $99, hardly a budget buster.

Second on the list is another high performing low-cost UAV,  the Quad Air Drone, rated at 9.5.  It’s also lightweight (about 3 ounces), compact and foldable and like the Black Falcon, easily transported. Two of its superior features are its 120-degree wide-angle lens (allowing for natural panoramic views) and its 25 minute flying time.  In addition to various flying options, its camera allows for a slo-motion review of your footage, helping you highlight key scenes (perfect for a Tik-Toker). It also comes equipped with sense-and-avoid gravity sensors to prevent collisions and crashes.  And it’s also just $99.

Next on the list is no surprise, perhaps.  It’s a drone from DJI, the UAV industry’s leading designer and supplier.  Rated at 9.3, this model, the Mini 3, is a bit pricier – about $400.  But the drone’s 2 km range, extended flying time and 4K video camera make it well worth the extra cost.  It’s also highly wind resistant, a feature lacking in some other top models, which makes it a bit more versatile and durable.

Fourth up is the Ruko drone (rated 9.0, and also roughly $400), which sports an ultra-HD camera and even more extended flying time thanks to its large 2500maH battery plus an extra one that can be switched in quickly.  And #5 is the Holy Stone, rated 8.9, which sports auto-return and auto-loss functions and a whopping 65 minutes of flying time. Amazingly, it’s priced at just $65, in part because its camera, while highly functional and serviceable, may not offer the same degree of range and versatility found in other models.

Overall, CTD rates the Black Falcon as the best drone on the camera market.  It not only incorporates the best features of the other four, it also includes a simple set up that allows even inexperienced drone fliers to learn how to fly it without complications. But be forewarned: it’s selling fast. And with the additional 50% discount now being offered, the supplier could soon run out of inventory.  The good news:  for those that have long awaited a mid-range camera drone between the small toy-like minis and the high-grade but expensive professional models, all five of these modestly priced drones appear capable of hitting your sweet spot.

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