Using Your Brain’s Waves to Fly Drones

Researchers from all around the world are working to come up with the next best thing for the drone industry. One example that has surfaced is from a group of students who figured out a way to control drones using their mind. While the concept of flying a drone using only brain patterns is not new, it is still causing a few many people to turn their heads! In April 2016, the University of Florida hosted the inaugural Brain Drone Race which received a lot of attention from various insiders from the drone industry.

To be able to control drones with brain wave patterns, the user needs to wear an electroencephalogram cap. The technology translates brain signals coming from the user into control commands for various types of drones. The technology is not designed to be used for the general public. While it would be great for drone pilots to be able to fly drones using their minds, there is a far more altruistic purpose for this type of research and technology. In actuality this type of technology is being created to help enable disabled individuals to control artificial limbs and other electronic objects that they rely on only using their mind. The fact that the technology can still be used to control drones is a significant development and a great way of testing new technology.

Researchers from the University of Florida conducted successful trials on the technology.  One issue that proves difficult is that processing the large amounts of information coming from a person’s brain quickly and accurately. Even though the concept has been around since 2016, it would appear there’s not much that has changed since.

A second Brain Drone Race was held in 2017, where indivuals from all around the world competed against each other. The competition was won by Mahdri, an Iranian player who beat 7 other players. The 2018 Brain Drone Race has yet to be held. Despite the popularity of drones, it is highly unlikely that any brain control projects will come to to the market any time soon.

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