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Washington DC Drone Service

When you need a birds-eye view of your construction site, commercial real estate, or home inspection, our Washington DC drone service can provide you with all of your drone video and photography needs

Our pilots are FAA certified and have hundreds of hours of experience shooting high definition 4K video and aerial photography. We follow all FAA and government regulations for flying in and around the Washington DC area, including Bethesda, Alexandria, and Arlington.

Aerial Photography

Our drone operators use only the best drones with 4K quality photos to capture your subjects no matter where you are in the Washington DC area. Get incredible images from high above that can help spot damage on rooftops, give homebuyers an aerial view of potential homes, driving photography, and much more.

Drone Video

Drone video footage is an impressive way to show off your business or personal project. Imagine wowing potential investors with beautiful HD videos that allow you to capture every angle of your property or subject.

Inspection Services

Drones are the perfect tool for inspecting your property and giving you a better look at the damage to taller buildings and rooftops. Our Washington DC drone operators will capture photos and videos in 4K high definition that will allow you to inspect areas inaccessible due to damage.

How Our Aerial Drone Services Work

Washington DC and the National Capital region are under a special flight rules area (SFRA) that restricts all aircraft in areas surrounding the capital and national airports.

The SFRA covers a 30-mile radius around Washington DC. They are separated into two rings, inner and outer, and each covers a 15-mile radius. Specific FAA authorization is required to fly within the inner ring. And experienced Part 107 and public aircraft operators can apply for permission to fly in the outer rings through an online access program (AAP).

The airspace around Washington DC has the highest restrictions of any airspace in the country. We follow all FAA rules and regulations and are familiar with requesting permission to fly within the restricted areas.

Different Industries We Work In

Our professional drone operators work in any industry where aerial drone footage can benefit their company.

Commercial Real Estate

Aerial video with 4K HD resolution of your real estate property can help draw potential buyers to your website with stunning video footage that showcases your property and the surrounding area. These images are perfect for a property with a large tract of land or amazing views that only a drone with 4K high-definition video can capture.


Do you have multiple projects around Washington DC and need a way to keep track of them? Our drone operators can capture every acre and building for you to inspect and assign new tasks without being on-site.

Roof Inspections

Damage to your roof or higher walls can be hard to see from the ground. After a storm, it is wise to inspect your roof to make sure everything is OK. Drones can easily record the condition of your home and give you peace of mind knowing everything inside is safe.

And Much More

When you need 4K high-definition aerial photos and video for whatever industry you are in, we have all of your drone needs in and around the Washington DC area. Our expert drone pilots are ready to capture your project from unique angles that you can only get from a drone.

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