5 Powerful Benefits Of Using Videos Over Photos in Online Advertising

Video is the future of online advertising. In fact, video has shown so much promise that back in 2015, more than half of all businesses began advertising their products using video. What’s great about video is that it’s still growing as a promotional toolbox. Pictures are effective in boosting engagement, but videos take things to an entirely new level.

Major Search Engines Love Videos

Search engines such as Google are key to advertising success, since ranking on top can direct a huge number of customers looking for your products your way. Search engines have realized that video is becoming the medium of choice in terms of engaging audiences, and have tweaked their algorithms to put sites that have a lot of videos on top of relevant searches. So when you advertise via video on your website, on blogs and on social media, you stand a greater chance of exposure because it will reach more people.

Videos Are Great For Mobile

People from all over the world are viewing online content using their mobile phones and tablets more than ever before. The number of hours watched and people watching continue to grow. In the span of 2 years, video views using mobile devices have reached a staggering 400% increase! YouTube shows how mobile video consumption is still going strong- 100% each year. The number of smartphone users continue to grow, and there’s a guarantee that people will continue watching videos on their mobile devices in the foreseeable future. What better way to reach and tap into that massive potential of future prospects than creating advertorial videos and distributing them online?

Videos Are Shareable

Individuals who have watched a funny, interesting, or informative video are more likely to hit that “Share” button as compared to viewing text and picture content online. These social media shares are excellent for increasing relevant traffic to your website, and therefore you gain a greater chance of converting viewers into customers.

Videos Are More Engaging

No one likes to see a giant wall of text mixed with pictures. The internet users of today only allow around 8 seconds of attention before moving on to other content. Pictures can only go so far as to convey limited words, and they are mostly used as support to text anyway. Videos, on the other hand are more appealing and can grab your target consumer’s attention like never before. You’ll only need around 2 minutes of video at most to present your story and engage your viewers. The same 2 minutes in pictures won’t be sufficient enough to tell a complete story.

Videos Boost Sales and Conversion Rates

Advertising campaigns are considered a great success if they manage to engage the viewer and convert them into paying customers. Studies have proven that having a video on your landing page increases conversation rate by up to 80%. Videos can directly lead to sales – more than 70% of people who have watched ads are more likely to purchase the product or service being advertised. This is because video engages our most dominant senses – the eyes and the ears. Pictures can only engage the eyes and not much else.

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