Industries Using Drones in their Day to Day Operations

What’s the buzz about commercial use drones?

If you live in the modern world, chances are you’ve heard the word drone, and you might have even heard a few of them flying overhead. Drones have been around for nearly a century, and have quickly evolved from military aerial targets, to commercial use remote control aircraft, and are now used in many mainstream industries of business.

When you take into consideration that drones are basically extremely expensive remote control robots, it is amazing how much a tiny remote control aircraft can impact so many industries, and that list is growing daily.

The truth is, there aren’t many industries that wouldn’t benefit from the use of aerial drones, but there are still many legislative concerns as it pertains to the regulation of safety and technology of drones in commercial use. The buzz is growing though, and recently, the Federal Aviation Admiration (FAA) created guidelines for both recreational and commercial use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and even made it possible for commercial drone pilots to obtain certifications for flight in order to regulate business use of drones.

Industries that currently utilize drones commercially

Here is a list of obvious, and some not-so-obvious, industries that utilize drones for business purposes:

Military Drone Use

Developed originally in the 1930s, these retrofitted biplane drones were used as aerial target practice, and called “Queen Bees”. Since then, drones have still been used in a similar fashion, but with the addition of military ops, reconnaissance and surveillance, drones have evolved to fit a different niche for the military.

Though military isn’t necessarily considered a mainstream public industry, it is important to note that more and more often, the use of drones is being outsourced by independent contractors for military use, which is becoming an industry in itself.

Drone Videos For Real Estate

What used to be reserved for only high end property listings due to the high cost of quality aerial photography, drones can cost effectively provide both still and video aerial photography in the sale of real estate property.  They have revolutionized the online marketing capture of quality leads for real estate listings. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. There are also many other uses in the real estate industry that benefit from the use of drones: property appraisal and determination of property boundaries, inspection of property, assessment of damage to property due to natural disaster, master planning of communities, and much more…

Drones For Agriculture, Farming, and Crop Health

Though most wouldn’t think of agriculture and farming as a technological field, or even one in need of technological advancement, there are some uses for drones that benefit the industry. Those include: monitoring crop growth and development, crop dusting performed via remote control drone, surveying of farm land for planning purposes, and can even include the monitoring of livestock movements.

Drones in Construction

Drones being used for construction projects is starting to become popular. Drones allows project managers and developers to get a birds eye view on the status of their construction jobs.  This also allows for the developers to provide photos and videos in various stages of the project as well as aerial photos of their completed jobs to add to their portfolio.
Drones for Construction jobs

Drones in Film and Television

Drones are heavily utilized in the film industry, and have been for a while. Again, drones provide a more cost effective option in securing wide sweeping shots without incurring the expense, and even noise, of helicopters and chartered manned planes. Their small size allows them to maneuver more efficiently than a large aircraft would, making it possible to get even the most impossible of shots.

Drones in Journalism and News Reporting

Much like the real estate industry, aerial views of news events used to be only obtainable by news helicopter (an extremely expensive venture)- and what person that lived through the 90s doesn’t remember watching live coverage of the police chase that led to the arrest of O.J. Simpson as it unfolded on live television, captured by helicopter? While news helicopters are still very useful, drones are slowly replacing them, and can often travel into tighter spaces, giving the public a different view of the news as it unfolds.

Drones in Sports Viewing and Reporting

Drones have already been used in Baseball, Football, and Basketball. They provide unique shots of players, plays and moments within a game that a normal ground based camera cannot. Ever been to a college football game or watch cable network game day shows? Chances are high you’ve seen a drone fly overhead to capture views of the audience gathered to watch the show. ESPN and CBS both have utilized drones in their coverage of televised sports events.

Drones for Food and Product Delivery

Large companies, such as Amazon via Amazon Prime Air are venturing into this possibility, though the FAA is still figuring out what rules and regulations need to be in place in order to make drone delivery services a reality. Can you imagine your pizza delivery driver being replaced by a drone that drops a pizza at your doorstep? We are getting closer and closer to this reality.

Drone Surveillance and Security

This industry is a tricky one, considering privacy laws and the legislation surrounding legalities of surveillance.  Drones however are becoming a more popular option for aerial surveillance, as it is a more cost effective option than utilizing a helicopter or chartering a plane for aerial views.

Drone Use in Law Enforcement

Drones are currently being employed for use in border patrol, prison surveillance, search-and-rescue operations, as well as aiding in the hunt for criminals at large. Without manned aircraft, drones are able to survey dangerous situations and assess the safety of a setting before first responders are sent into a potentially hazardous situation.

Drones Providing Internet

Consider an initiative to ensure that wireless Internet service is an option in all corners of the world. Drones that are solar-powered, which are said to be able to sustain flight for a minimum of 5 years, might be able to provide this option to even the most desolate of places on Earth. Wouldn’t it be great to get a Wi-Fi signal from the middle of the desert in Egypt- you never know when you might need it!

Drone use in Energy and Oil Industry

Energy companies are employing the use of drones in order to provide a safer environment for human workers. One of the most dangerous jobs in the industry is to be stationed working on an electrical wire. Now, with the use of drones, a line can be inspected visually and a clearer picture of needs can be assessed before sending humans onto high voltage wires to work or complete repairs.

Additionally, the oil industry uses drones to inspect and detect leaks in pipelines and to monitor or inspect off shore drilling rigs. Again, this provides for the safety of human workers, and is also a more cost effective option to sending in people that might be put into harm’s way.

The Industries Using Drones Continue to Grow

The world of drones is rapidly evolving as technology improves and develops. It is only a matter of time before drones enter the industry where you work, will you be ready?

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