Aerones Develops Firefighting Drones

A well-known problem for firefighters is their inability to fight a fire from a close proximity because of the potential dangers to the firefighters. So the use of robotic drones can certainly alleviate this obstacle. With drones, there’s no need to drive a fire truck close to the firefighting scene. A firefighting drone can easily work in small or narrow spaces. It can avoid obstacles and fly close to the fire without worrying about injuring firefighters.

These are the objectives of Aerones, a Latvian based drone company. They built a firefighting drone that can fly to almost 1000 feet high in only six minutes, making it a great choice for fighting fires in buildings. During a fire, time is of the essence. There are times when taking a strategic position during an emergency can really help get the fire under control fast.

One of the greatest advantages of this firefighting drone is its design. It was constructed to accurately control a fire hose at heights that are over what 100-foot fire trucks can reach. They can fly nearly 10 times higher a regular fire truck, so the potential for getting a fire under control fast has become a reality that will certainly help to save lives.

These new drones are able to reach locations that firetrucks and firefighters can’t access. This ability makes it an effective emergency response tool that can be safely used in highly populated areas. In the world of firefighting, a quick response can make a difference between life and death. That’s why Aerones firefighting drones are a welcome addition to the world of new drone technology. It will save not only time, but many people’s lives as well. Besides helping to save those trapped in buildings, it can also keep firefighters out of danger.

The firefighter drone is still under development, but Aerones is looking to increase its flight time (up to several hours) by supplying power to the drone using tethers. At the moment though, the square-shaped drone is able to fly for only twenty minutes on battery power. The company developed two models of the drone.  ‘Fast’ and ‘Superfast’. The Superfast version will be outfitted with 28 propellers and will be able to carry loads of up to 441 pounds as high as 984 feet, while the Fast drone can carry almost 661 pounds as high as 1,640 feet and will have 36 propellers in total. As this drone technology improves, we can expect fire departments across the country to add this amazing tool to their arsenal of firefighting equipment.

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