Alliance for Drone Innovation Formed By Key Players

There are several drone companies working together to create safe and functional drone management systems. To ensure that the future of drone security is on track, companies like DJI, GoPro, and 3DR have formed an Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI) with the major aim to regulate the national airspace and establish a sound framework for the future. They are working with Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to achieve this goal.

ADI issued a press release that clarifies exactly what they plan to offer to the drone industry. The official press release provides a clear insight into how the alliance will go about achieving their goals.  The press release stated that ADI is comprised of developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of drone technology. The group will protect individuals, corporate bodies, and organizations with rights and interests in regards to drone use. The group was formed because of the current obscure state of our FAA and governmental drone regulations. Jenny Rosenberg is the Executive Director of ADI and was a former member of the Department of Transportation.

The alliance maintains it will promote drone innovation and help to regulate the growth of the industry. This is exactly what drone technology has achieved in sectors recently like agriculture and public safety. People now see the world in a whole new light, thanks to drones.  Currently, the alliance is composed of members such as DJI, GoPro, 3DR, and companies such as Horizon Hobby, Fat Shark, Indemnis, Skycatch, Kittyhawk, and Pelican Products. They are all working together to help improve the drone industry.

The alliance hopes to work with policy and lawmakers to help regulate the industry and drone uses. More than anyone else, they have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to shape the current industry along with the future. The ADI simply wants to maintain a constant dialogue with authorities, with an open channel so that the industry can grow and flourish. If their goals are achieved, it could potentially create a safe, beneficial and reliable industry for drone tech companies across the country.

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