Drone Racing League Partners With BMW

Drones are quickly becoming mainstream. They’re flying around recording high-definition videos and taking inspiring photographs of landscapes and real estate drone videos to name a few.   As the price of drones comes down, more people and businesses are getting their hands on these amazing flying robots.  What’s even more impressive is the wide variety of tasks drones are now capable of. From deliveries, to monitoring crops, to searching for missing persons. The use of Drones to better our lives is increasing by the day.

With any new technology, there are groups of like minded individuals who bond together to create their own niche, which we have seen with drone racing. There is now a professional organization called the Drone Racing League (DRL) which is quickly growing in popularity. Last year, competitions were held and a record was set for the fastest drone, which recorded a top speed of 163.5 miles per hour! This was truly an awesome event and when you consider that the drone only weighs about 1.76 pounds, you’ll start to see how impressive this is.

Today, the Drone Racing League is considering a new record. To achieve this, the league is partnering with BMW. The German automobile maker will contribute its technical expertise and provide the league access to its wind tunnel located at the Aerodynamic Test Center.  The partnership between the Drone Racing League and BMW will help promote the sport stated the head of BMW’s International Brand Experience, Jörg Reimann.

Because the sport is a new and competitive type of racing, it’s marked by the application of very high-performance equipment and drone technology. This is the type of environment that BMW has been known to excel in and is part of their core business. Both BMW and the Drone Racing League are looking forward to a productive partnership together and excited about what the future holds for drone racing.

Drone racing has gained momentum and popularity in the last couple of years. The DRL has even signed a deal with ESPN. Basically, whenever there is a new technology that can “move”, humans will get together to see who can “move it” the fastest. We’ve seen this with cars, boats, planes and now its drones.   Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO, and founder of DRL stated that the league is delighted to partner with a world-class brand like BMW.

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