Benefits of Using Drone Videos For Real Estate Listings

Showcasing a real estate listing with a drone video has become quite the game changer for highly competitive online property listings. The use of drones to shoot beautiful real estate videos has absolutely changed how real estate marketing works in today’s digital day and age. Most real estate owners and brokers rely on professional photography to get their property to sell quickly and at a good price. Technology has changed, and now you see camera drone video tours and aerial shots in most real estate property listings online. Some might even say that drones single-handedly changed the landscape of real estate ever since the proliferation of the world wide web began.  So aside from the great neighborhood view, a whole view of the property and a better perspective, what else are the benefits of drone videos for real estate sales? Take a look at five more convincing examples below:

A Lower Budget Entry

Before, in order to capture excellent aerial shots of real estate from above, you had to rent a private helicopter. Doing this significantly increases the budget costs and you have to deal with helicopter rental arrangements and other complicated expensive issues. Thanks to technology and drones in particular, you can skip the copter renting part and get excellent video shots using a capable drone.

An Edge Over Competition

How would you like for your real estate listings to stand out among the thousands of other listings online? With a drone video, you can. It’s no surprise that most potential buyers are more inclined to visit the better-looking photos and videos on real estate listings than those that aren’t well made. You can outwit the competition by putting up drone videos, which your viewers will have a better chance of connecting with.

Highlight Property Features
Aerial Perspective of Real Estate Drone Photo

A drone video can definitely highlight some remarkable property features better than a picture would. Aerial videos bring nearby schools, parks, back yards, walking paths, pools and excellent landscaping features to life! It simulates the visitation part, except you can look at it online, which is a much more convenient option.

Create A Compelling Virtual Neighborhood Tour

Potential buyers might be interested in your property but may have little to no time to actually visit the location. Take advantage of the opportunity by presenting a stunning video presentation of the real estate property with a drone view. Simply activate the drone, start recording and get a full neighborhood shot of not only the properly for sale, but surrounding homes and properties

More Attractive and Dramatic Images

Aerial photography via drones can present potential viewers and buyers with a number of things. First, they get treated to a high, encompassing aerial shot with map-style views that show the lay of the entire property. Then, medium air videos can show the viewer all angles of the house, including the property line, features and the general layout. Some low shots can give that raised angle photos and videos which are difficult to do using traditional photography. Finally, you can show off the surrounding area and neighborhood, including the property’s proximity to nearby conveniences and amenities. All of which are things today’s home buyers are looking for.

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