Drone Videos vs. Standard Photos for Online Advertising

The landscape of the advertising world is always changing. Video advertising has been around in the form of TV commercials for many decades, but newer technologies like computers and mobile phones have made it possible for video advertising to reach the masses in a different, more intimate kind of way. Video marketing is predicted to shake up the world of online commerce in a way similar to how social media marketing did in the past decade or so. Since, these days, drone videos are almost synonymous in the world of advertising, creating excellent videos with drones can be one beneficial way to promote your business.

One reason why video marketing is becoming so popular is the sheer amount of information that is available to people today. People are busy, and may have many tabs open on their browsers already – instead of taking 10 or 15 minutes to read an article (you may have noticed some articles even have “estimated reading times” above them now!) many people surfing the web would prefer to watch a short video that sums up the points an advertiser wishes to make in a concise manner.

Many people, if they are out on the town and browsing the web with their smartphones, would probably prefer to watch a video instead of reading an article. All it takes to see how many people are using smartphones is to walk into a crowded area and just look around. Video appeals especially to mobile users, and they are an incredibly large but still untapped market. The time that people look at their phones is essentially a marketing opportunity for your business. Videos can get people interested in your business or service in a unique way, since the medium of video engages multiple senses. Even the most uninterested person can become interested in an advertisement when it’s in video form – they might not go to the effort of reading a blog post, though!

Research has shown that around 79 % of Internet users will watch videos.  With the number of people that browse Google (nearly everyone, it seems) it’s clear that videos are the best way to market to consumers on the Internet. You could create a YouTube or Vimeo account for your business or embed the videos directly onto your website. Videos, if created professionally and made to be entertaining, also have the potential to go viral. Simply having some pictures on your website does not have the same promise to gain tons of exposure that videos can have. Once a video is on your website, ensure that people searching for your product will find your website and content by using search engine optimization (SEO) for terms related to your business’s “niche.”

Drone footage can come into the picture here by improving your video marketing. Drones are incredibly popular these days, in large part because of how much fun they are. But also because they can create unique videos you wouldn’t be able to get in any other way. You can provide people browsing your videos with a more memorable experience if you include some drone footage in there, helping you stand out and create a more cinematic picture to explain what your business or service is about.

Using videos instead of traditional picture advertisements will most likely boost your website’s ability to generate leads or convert into sales because it explains products in a short and sweet but informative way. Having videos on your website may be an SEO tactic in and of itself since statistics have shown that sites with videos are actually 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than other sites. They provide a healthy ROI (return of investment) which increases over time since videos are permanent, unless you decide to take them down.  If people like what they see, there is a good chance they will share it on social media, bringing you even more sales in the long run.

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