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  • DJI Creates Drone to Help Farmers

    Drones are being used in countless fields around the world.  They were first used as expensive, precision military tools.  Now drones are available in so many styles, sizes and price ranges that a drone for every need can be easily met.  DJI is arguably the largest drone manufacturer on the market right now, and for... Read More

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  • Military Officially Begins Using MQ-9 “Reaper” Drone

    On May 1, 2007 the United States Air Force officially began using the MQ-9 Reaper drone, also known as the Predator B.  Developed by General Atomics, the Reaper is a long endurance, high altitude UAV that can be flown remotely or autonomously.  In 2006 the Reaper made history as then US Air Force Chief of... Read More

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  • US Military Invests in an Anti-Drone Device: PHASER

    Just under 100 countries have confirmed that they have added a drone based program to their military organizations.  This does not include any drones being used by unconfirmed or unsanctioned military groups.  There is no denying that drones have become a vital tool for any nation’s military strategy.  The United States of America uses 9... Read More

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  • “The World Food Programme” Using Drones Before and After Disasters

    Disasters are constantly happening throughout the world.  Whether they are from natural sources like hurricanes and earthquakes, or from politicly charged ones like wars, the people living in these disaster zones need help.  The World Food Programme has been serving disaster victims for the last 58 years.  Headquartered in Rome, the WFP and it’s more... Read More

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  • North Carolina to Test Drone Connectivity Using 5G

    It seems that North Carolina is becoming a hub for US based drone pioneering.  Located in the southeastern region of the United States, North Carolina is the 9th most populated state in the country.  It is also home to the country’s largest research park, Research Triangle Park, that is spread between Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and... Read More

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  • Using Drones After Hurricane Dorian for Damage Assessment and Rescue Missions

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, emergency and utility crews began using drones to assess the damage left in the wake of the category 4 storm around the Texan and Louisiana areas.  These drones proved to be such an invaluable tool in hurricane relief efforts that when Hurricane Florence made landfall in 2018,... Read More

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  • Minnesota to Begin Using Drones For Bridge Inspections

    Minnesota in the Upper Midwest of the United States has several state nicknames.  It is called The Gopher State, The Agate State, The North Star State, The True Star State, The State of Hockey, and most commonly The Land of 10,000 Lakes.  With so many lakes crossing through Minnesota there is an equally large number... Read More

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  • Norway to Use Drones to Help Clean Up Waste From Their Oceans

    Fjords are long narrow waterways with steep cliffs along their edges created from glacial movements.  They can be found through much of the land formations closest to the polar regions of the globe.  Norway is particularly known for their large concentration of stunning fjords.  Comprising the western and northern border of the Scandinavian Peninsula, Norway... Read More

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  • Amazing Video of a Drone Racing a Roller Coaster

    Professional drone racers are able to complete some pretty fantastical feats with their drones.  Watching them race their drones though extreme obstacle courses can be thrilling.  One drone racer is now making headlines not because of his skill against other drone pilots on a course, but because of how he raced his drone against a... Read More

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