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  • The Drone Delivery Dream is Now Much More Real Than you Thought

    When Amazon first tossed the idea of door-to-door delivery using drones in 2013, many people found it laughable. Some actually thought it was a publicity stunt to boost their holiday sales. But while other people were viewing this idea a farfetched pipe dream, a group of some potential investors were taking it very seriously. Engineers... Read More

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  • NASA to Send Robotic Drone to Saturn by 2020

    In 2005, mankind got a look at the surface of an alien world. A probe known as Huygens was dropped off in the orbit of Saturn right on the surface of Titan – which is the planets biggest moon. The probe was dropped off by a spacecraft and just over an hour after it landed,... Read More

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  • Civilian Drone Crashes Into Army Helicopter

    Before flying a drone, you must pass the Part 107, which is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA’s) registration test that allows you to fly an unmanned aircraft. Without this registration, flying a drone is illegal and can come with some severe penalties such as fines and possibly even jail time.  Part of receiving your drone... Read More

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  • Drones Are Helping to Predict the Future and Save Lives

    More than 55,000 people have been affected by the devastating eruption of the Agung volcano in Bali. The locals have had to move to temporary shelters as they vacate their homes. Many tourists who were there on vacation have become stranded as no flights were available in or out of the country. Drones To the... Read More

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  • China Is Aiming to Dominate the Global Drone Market

    China has been the world leader in the drone manufacturing industry with their companies boasting some of the most advanced technology in the industry. The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is on the front line in making this industry even bigger and better through regulations and support. Made in China 2025 This... Read More

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  • Drones Enabling Indigenous People to Protect Their Land

    For the indigenous people from the Pacific Northwest to the Amazon Basin, their land is their most prized possession. However, multinational corporations are exploiting these virgin lands for their own gain with little regard to the effects their activities have on the environment. While most South American governments have laws that protect the indigenous land,... Read More

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  • North Dakota Drone Industry to Skyrocket in the Coming Years

    North Dakota is known as a leading state in the drone industry. With several research and testing programs, it is the Silicon Valley of drone innovations. The factors that have helped place North Dakota on the drone map are: the weather, drone friendly policies, empty spaces and its University.  North Dakota’s drone industry is expected... Read More

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  • Falcons Inspiring New Military Drone Killers

    A study by zoologists at Oxford University is on the verge of building drone killers that are capable of defending airports, police and military troops from enemy drones. This study which was funded by the US Air Force has established that the features that make falcons one of nature’s most vicious hunters could be applied... Read More

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  • The U.S. Military to Use 3D Printed Drones

    If you have ever used a 3D printer, then you know that it’s a fascinating technology that can be used to create three-dimensional objects with the push of a button. Now, 3D printing will be used in the front lines by the military. The US Army Research Laboratory has outlined a program that allows the... Read More

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  • Drone Company to Supply Drones For Farming

    According to the University of Minnesota, the corn and soy bean industry made over $90 billion in 2016. This is a lucrative market and a good opportunity for many businesses. It is definitely tempting for drone manufacturers, retailers and service providers.  A company called Maverick Drone Systems located at Eagle Creek Parkway in Savage has... Read More

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