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  • Polaroid Launches 4 Budget Friendly Drones

    Polaroid recently released four new drones to commemorate the company’s 80th anniversary. The Polaroid-branded camera drones come in different sizes and technical specifications: PL1000, PL1300, PL2900, and the PL3000. The four camera drones are what the drone industry is referring to as “budget drones.” This means that their low price point will suit many consumers.... Read More

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  • Drones Being Used To Study Whales

    Can drones be used to take whale tissue samples? Scientists from Canada and the United States recently did just that.  They used special drones to collect various samples of microbes that live inside the breath of whales. These samples will allow scientists and researchers to better understand what makes whales healthy and what makes them... Read More

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  • Trump Administration Test Program to Expanded Drone Use

    As a result of the Trump administrations’ approval to increase the use of unmanned aircraft, some Americans could see more drones flying around their neighborhood. The new policy was recently launched to expand testing of drones by government and commercial organizations for day and night operations, including flights over people and those out of the... Read More

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  • Canada Prepares to Launch First Commercial Drones

    Imagine a future where drones take the place of delivery trucks and couriers—sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie doesn’t it? Well the reality is, something like this may not be so far off after all. Over the next four weeks, the indigenous Canadian residents of Moose Cree First Nation will be the first... Read More

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  • Indoor Drone Parks: Much Better Than A Video Game

    Nick Madincea and Marjorie Ferrone have a brilliant idea that is sure to make the next rainy day very exciting. The two Houston entrepreneurs have a dream of opening their own indoor drone park in Waco, Texas in a rented garage space that was once a Ford dealership. “Drone Parks Worldwide” would make a fun... Read More

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  • Amazon Patents Drone to Charge Electric Cars

    Who would have thought of drones as mobile refueling stations for electric cars? Amazon apparently. The tech company recently patented a new aerial EV recharging system that will recharge electric cars even when they’re on the road. As anyone who has driven electric cars knows, they lack the range of gas powered cars. They also... Read More

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  • Drones Used For Science of the Future in the Meadowlands

    The Meadowlands in New Jersey is a vast ecosystem which has more than 9000 acres of both native and invasive organism species. The Meadownlands Environmenral Research Institute monitors all aspects of the Meadowlands ecosystem which includes plants, animals, soil sample, water quality and more. For a longtime, the only avenue for scientists of the Meadowlands... Read More

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  • LAPD Becomes Nation’s Largest Police Department to Test Drones

    The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has received a go ahead from a civilian oversight panel for a year long test of drones. This development will make the LAPD the largest police department in the country to embrace the use of drone technology. The approval given by the civilian oversight panel has caused mixed feelings... Read More

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  • CNN Just Got Approved To Fly Drones Over Crowds Of People

    CNN has secured the first ever Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) waiver to operate drones over a crowd of people. This is a huge step forward in the way media organizations would use drones in the near future. Whenever CNN wants to capture footage of a large crowd of people, a drone could be used. Before... Read More

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  • Air Force Drones Help California Firefighters Combat Wildfires

    The first time drones were used to combat Californian wildfires was in 2013. From August-November, 2013, Air Force drones were flown over Californian wild fires. The camera-mounted drones enabled firefighters on the ground to properly direct their effort towards eliminating the threat. The drone flights provided firefighters with unprecedented real time images of the inferno.... Read More

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