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  • Public Uninformed But Divided Over Drones, Survey Finds

    What does the U.S. public think about the burgeoning drone industry?  It depends on who you talk to, according to a research study published earlier this year.  The study’s findings, first published in the February 2022 issue of the journal Technology & Society, found that most Americans don’t actually know very much about drones, and... Read More

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  • Underwater Drones Are Fueling the Search for Sunken Vessels

    The United Nations estimates that three million shipwrecks litter the ocean floor.  Some of the most sought after vessels are ships thought to contain sunken treasure.  Finding them –  and extracting their hidden riches – has never been easy.  Most of these seafaring expeditions fail in the end.  But thanks to a new underwater search... Read More

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  • Is Louisiana Falling in Love with Drones?

    Many states have witnessed a sharp rise in drone industry development between 2021 and 2022.  But no state in the country has made more progress than Louisiana, which saw its national ranking jump from #35 to #18 over the past year, according to the Virginia-based Mercatus Center. Other Deep South states — including Alabama (#40),... Read More

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  • Wing Forms a New Partnership with DoorDash in Australia

    If you’re looking for a good meal in Australia, you may not have to visit a local restaurant or grocery store.  Just place your order online and the delivery company DoorDash will bring it to you – by drone.  DoorDash recently contracted with the drone technology firm Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, which owns Google,... Read More

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  • Zipline Expands Its Pioneering Drone Operations in Rwanda

    A number of  major US retailers, including Amazon and Walmart are gearing up for remote package delivery operations using unmanned aerial aircraft in 2023. But thousands of miles away, in Africa, Zipline has been conducting drone-based medical supply delivery operations for years – in impoverished Rwanda, for the past six.  And now the Silicon Valley... Read More

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  • Walmart Expands Its Remote Aerial Deliveries into Drone-Friendly Texas 

    Walmart, a pioneer in remote aerial package delivery, has just launched its first drone delivery service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  The company began deliveries a week ago at 11 of its store outlets in Dallas and several nearby towns including Garland, Murphy, Richardson and The Colony.  It’s the company’s first foray into Texas after... Read More

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  • In Massachusetts, Another Police Drone Helps Find and Rescue a Missing Child

    Another law enforcement drone has saved the day – this time in Massachusetts.  Police in Freetown, MA deployed an unmanned aerial vehicle on December 16 to locate a missing two-year old.  The toddler was abandoned by its mother just prior to her arrest on felony assault charges. Police commenced a frantic search of the neighborhood... Read More

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  • Drones Can Save Millions of Flying Animals From Death

    Wind turbines kill tens of thousands of flying animals – especially bats and birds – each year.  It’s a growing problem that worries conservationists intent on fostering renewable energy sources but also protecting wildlife. Traditional means of deterrence, including the posting of acoustic devices that emit sounds to startle flying animals, aren’t always effective.  Over... Read More

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  • Underwater Drone Market is Beginning to Surge

    When most people think of drones, they think of a bird-like contraption soaring through the skies like a helicopter.  But some drones are going under water to plumb the depths of the world’s oceans and rivers like a submarine.  And their missions are just as varied.  Underwater drones – or Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) as... Read More

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  • As Wildfires Continue to Rage, NASA and the FAA Reconsider the Need for Drones    

    Wildfires have grown in number and intensity in recent years.  The raging infernos – more than 60,000 annually, mostly in the West – have devastated property and people, and permanently scarred the nation’s landscapes.  Yet, the nation’s firefighting agencies, while clearly overwhelmed, still have mixed feelings about whether to deploy drones to help them contain... Read More

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