Drones May Help Law Enforcement Find Active Shooters

In the past year alone, America has been hit by some of the worst mass shootings in history. Sadly, these shootings have been particularly prevalent in schools. Schools are vulnerable to such attacks mainly because the security staff lacks the training or necessary equipment to take down a shooter before they cause damage. A tragic story that emerged after the Parkland school shooting was that of Scot Peterson, an armed security guard, didn’t enter the school to save the students that were being massacred.

According to reports, Scot followed what he thought his training was, which meant staying outside the school for seven minutes as he tried to pinpoint the location of the shooter. Consequently, the man was harassed on social and the other media outlets for what people claim was his lack of action. Halfway around the world, Nimrod Ron was thinking about the tragedy and how to avoid people having to blindly walk into the line of fire to protect innocent lives.

A former member of the Israeli Special Forces, Nimrod had been called to Nepal to help earthquake survivors there. Together with other soldiers, they entered hundreds of buildings that were at high risk of collapsing. Years later, as an entrepreneur and law student, Nimrod thought about his experience in Nepal. What if he could create a device that provided eyes inside the buildings? After a lot of research, he developed tiny drones that provided clear live footage of what was going on in the buildings and could recharge themselves when needed.

In 2016, Nimrod and his four co-founders created their company Eyeron, while creating, testing, and bringing their drones to market. Although Eyeron’s first test markets are with Israeli firefighters and police, Ron’s main target market is in the US. Currently, Eyeron is raising money which is expected to finance the building kits of three drones. The drones are kept by first responders and can begin transmission within seconds of flying into a building. The drones are capable of transmitting video in real time from inside a building to police outside.

The team at Eyeron was also able to solve the battery power problem by constantly recharging the drones after about 10 minutes. The drones are small, weighing less than a 1/2 pound which makes them exempt from FAA licensing.  Ron aims to raise $1.5 million which will go a long way in helping the company achieve its mission of being the leading developers of small indoor drone technology.

Ideally, Everon would be able to create drones that could enter a disaster type situation, providing key intelligence to police officers and first responders who are outside of the building. The responders can then come up with a plan for the safest means of entry, thereby saving lives and quickly rescuing those in need.

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