Memphis Drone Tests Can Boost the Economy

Memphis airport was recently selected as part of the national drone testing program.  Memphis International Airport is a Class B airspace and one of the most regulated and busiest airports to be chosen by the FAA for drone testing.  President and chief executive officer of Memphis-Shelby county airport authority, Scott Brockman stated that this could mean big economic development for the community.  Since it is a Class B airspace, it will give the city a leg up and make it a location that will act as a target for drone technology businesses.

For example, FedEx has 450 daily flights that all route through Memphis International making it one of the busiest airports at night. This doesn’t just apply to the United States but the whole world. The airport is seen as the second busiest cargo airport simply because of the FedEx world hub.  With the drone program, changes are expected at the airport. It is believed that the program will strengthen the airspace and bring new business to the city.

Drones will be an economic development tool for the city and many people are excited for the opportunity given to them by this approval.  The testing program to be held in Memphis simply sends one message to the rest of the country. If you plan to use drones, you must first understand how these drones will affect your business.  Many believe that this will be a huge benefit for the city. There will be many drone applications tested and the data gathered will be very useful in decision making as well as laws and regulations for drone flights.

There are businesses lined up to work with airport officials on this drone program. From the private sector to the government, many people are eager to see how this program can contribute to the development of the drone industry.  The test programs will include assisting first responders, surveillance of infrastructure, water quality sampling and so much more.

All over the country, the FAA’s drone testing program has gotten a lot of people and businesses excited. The improvements that will come from these tests will propel the industry forward creating more jobs and helping law makers create new regulations that will not only help grow the drone industry but also to keep people safe.

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